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SUPERVISION® Borehole System.

For inspecting boreholes and deep wells we offer the SUPERVISION® borehole system. Combined with the automatic cable reel SVA500 the camera system provides an inspection depth up to 500m. The zoom camera head SVC110 is pressure tight up to 50bar and the complete system is 100% SUPERVISION® technology.

  • 50 bar / 500 m pressure tight
  • Stainless steel lightring
  • 100% PipeBus® compatible
  • Power Spots for pipes up to 500 mm diameter
  • Position view of camera in monitor, 40:1 Zoom
  • 100% SUPERVISION® technology
  • Pressure control
The zoom camera head SVC110 features:
CCD colorcamera with 440.000 Pixel and Zoom (1x optical | 4x digital, f; 4,2 bis 42 mm), 1 Lux sensitivity, horizontal resolution 460 lines, aperture control (automatic and manual), Autofocus, also manual, LED-lightring, camera 2x 135° tilt. Display of the camera position at the control unit, also can be displayed onto the screen. Serial pressure sensor for control of pressure. Laser pointer for gap measurement. Made of stainless steel, pressure tight up to 50bar, suitable for pipes up to 500mm.

Well Camera SuperVision

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