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Therm-Liner generates energy from waste water

Every second, warm water flows as 'waste' through our sewers. This waste water contains huge amounts of energy which could be used to heat or cool buildings via heat pumps.

Installed at the bottom of the water channel, the Therm-Liner system draws heat from the waste water. Then, using a heat pump system, this energy can be raised to a usable level for heating. A modular and standardized system, Therm-Liner offers excellent profitability whilst being an ecological and sustainable technology.

Systematic heat exchanger
The Therm-Liner systematic heat exchanger uses a 'dry weather gutter' profile to guarantee the best performance.

Know-how from a single source
With our collective know-how, SewerVision can offer heating and cooling systems tailored to your specific application needs. So, when will you take advantage of the 'oil' in our cities?

Downloads Therm-Liner
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