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WinCan: a winning formula for CCTV companies

WinCan is a user-friendly, Windows based reporting program that allows CCTV companies to present survey / rehabilitation information, video and photos all on CD or DVD. This saves both the contractor and client an enormous amount of time as photos and video clips can be made instantly during inspection, and either presented live to the client or included in the survey report.

Using the text overlay generator, all observations made in WinCan can be inserted into the live video picture. Data such as meter counts and inclination can also be linked to the WinCan feed.

The live feed can be stored onto hard disk or CD. Each CD can store up to one hour of footage or 7 hours onto a DVD. Your can also link a video recorder to WinCan; allowing you to control it through your PC.

Your report may be the only means your client has of judging the quality and value of the CCTV inspection you have undertaken on their behalf, so it is important to get it right. WinCan includes an easy-to-use reporting package that gives professional, clear and concise reports, which you can customize to your clients' needs. You can include photographs captured directly from your survey video and even record video clips to help provide evidence of incidents such as water ingress. All of this can be given to your client on a CD/DVD, allowing them to view your observations and print a range of standard reports.

For more detailed surveys WinCan offers you comprehensive analysis and reporting of defects plus the ability to do post rehabilitation surveys. "Before" and "after" photographs can be printed together as evidence that repairs have been carried out correctly.

WinCan can even be installed in your vehicle and linked to your CCTV system screenwriter so you perform surveys on site. And you only have to input the information once, so no more late nights at the office producing overdue reports.

WinCan features
  • Modular design that grows with your business
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Start using straight away with minimal training
  • Operates with Windows 2000 or XP
  • Can be used with any make of CCTV system
  • Includes full set of WRC descriptions
  • Colour coded reports and extensive graphics to aid interpretation

WinCam Software

WinCam Software

WinCam Software

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