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Chemical grouting

Offering the most economical solution for preventing infiltration and inflow into sewer systems, chemical grouting can be used to seal any pipe, manhole or lateral service that is still structurally sound.

SewerVision offers a complete range of grout rehabilitation systems, including portable, truck and trailer-mounted systems and dry freight boxes for export. All our systems can be configured to run Urethane and Acrylate grouts and we also offer grout packers for mainline and lateral line sealing.

For joint testing and sealing of mainline and lateral joints, manholes, junction boxes, large diameter pipes or any other low pressure waterproofing application, we have a chemical grouting solution that meets your unique needs.

AC-400® Acrylate polymer chemical grout

AC-400® Acrylate polymer chemical grout is a monomer system grout designed specifically for ground water control, soil grouting, seepage control in concrete and infiltration control in sewer networks. AC-400® is a mixture of acrylate monomers that are polymerized with an oxidation/reduction catalyst system.

The grout is 100 times less toxic than acrylamide grout, operates in existing grouting equipment and uses current triethanolamine and sodium persulfate catalysts. AC-400® Acrylate grout comes in liquid form (40% solids), exhibits low viscosity (1-3 cps), low permeability (5x10-9 cm/sec) and controllable gel times for soil stabilization and underground water control applications.
The performance characteristics of AC-400® acrylate grout are comparable to those of Acrylamide and Silicate grouts. These characteristics allow use in the following areas of chemical grouting:
  • soil stabilization
  • seepage control in concrete
  • infiltration control in sewer networks

Truck, Trailer, & Dry Freight Mounted Grout Rehabilitation Systems

Truck-mounted grout rehabilitation systems are available for mainline joint sealing and lateral sealing. These units are equipped with the latest CCTV equipment for television inspection. Optional equipment can be added for lateral reinstatement (cutting liner) and protruding lateral removal.

Features and Options:
  • Operates with ALL common grouts including urethanes, acrylimides, and acrylates
  • Trailer and Dry freight mounted systems available, air-driven stainless steel chemical pumps
  • Automated grout control panel - maximizes production, water and air test for joint seal integrity
  • Posatryn panel to provide digital read out of all working pressures
  • Dual grout/catalyst tank assembly, 30 gallons per tank, noncorrosive. TV cable reel - specify video cable length and grout cable reel with 500 ft. quad hose or specified length
  • Workhorse interior, Works with all CUES cameras
  • Joint sealing packers available for 4" through 120" lines
  • Lateral sealing packers available
  • Low Void packers available for 8" through 42" lines, saves grout
  • Optional Lateral Sealing Control for Logiball Lateral Packer systems
Q-Power winch

The electric Q-Power Winch will position your TV camera, packers and reinstatement cutters without the operational or communication problems often found in other electrical or mechanical winches. Cameras, packers and cutters can be easily moved through the line and accurately positioned without a tug-of-war or weather induced restrictions.

The control room winch controller provides easy and safe operation by a single operator. An optional plug-in, hand held, remote control is available for operation from the rear of the inspection vehicle.

The Q-Power Winch is your indispensable workhorse for TV inspection, chemical sealing, spot repair and pipeline rehabilitation. It can often be the only means of inspecting debris filled or unusually greasy lines. It is the most reliable way to move packers, reinstatement cutters, etc. in rehabilitation operations.

Low Void Joint Sealing Packer
  • Low volume grouting for mainline joint sealing
  • Can be used with urethane, acrylimide, or acrylate based grouts
  • Air or water pretest or retest of joints Available for 8" through 42" pipe sizes
  • Low volume operation can save up to $25 per joint grout cost.


Power Winch

grout rehabilitation systems


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