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Complete CCTV trucks

SewerVision BV also supplies complete state-of-the-art CCTV inspection vans suitable for motorized inspections for pipe sizes varying in diameter from 100mm up to 1500mm up to a length of 500 meters.

Made to withstand the most severe conditions, ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, SewerVision truck mounted systems include TV inspection for sewer, storm, and potable water lines, mainline joint or lateral sealing, lateral reinstatement cutters for the relining industry, and water well / bore hole inspection.

A truck chassis can be specified to contain all or any combination of the aforementioned equipment. In this manner, we substantially reduce the manufacturing time required for a turn key truck mounted system. Customize your truck interior, cabinets, equipment, and mounting configuration to fit your unique requirements.

Sophisticated hard- and software supplied by SewerVision applying the latest techniques such as storing inspecting data on CD-Rom or DVD optimize the operators and their clients efficiency.

CCTV visual

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