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AGILIOS™ Pan & Tilt Push Camera System

AGILIOS™ - pan&tilt push camera made by iPEK. It incorporates a coiler for 30, 60 or 90 m reinforced push cable, a new universal pendant controller VISIONCONTROL and the rugged PTP70 pan & tilt camera head. The design reflects the latest customer feedback for push cameras in the drain CCTV industry. The key features of the system are unparalleled picture quality, high intensity LED illumination, an integrated transmitter sonde with choice of transmission frequencies, a coloured text generator, MPEG and JPG recording and the possibility to export data via USB or Ethernet.

Having a look to ergonomics and design of the AGILIOS™ system is complemented by the well known high iPEK manufacturing standards. The AGILIOS™ construction is robust and strong at key areas; operation of the system is simple and intuitive; the reel is lightweight but extremely stable. Our mission was to design and build a functional, lightweight, ergonomic pan & tilt push camera featuring power and agility - the AGILIOS™

Downloads AGILIOS™
brochure -> english version PDF
brochure -> german version PDF
brochure -> dutch version PDF
3D Animation AGILIOS™ -> mpg1

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